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the vision to inspire people to be on top of their game.

This page is about gear, places, trips, volunteer opportunities, photos & reviews  with the main focus on outdoor recreation 

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Contemplating... what is I love it on top?

 We are a group of like minded souls who knows the feeling of timelessness and power, when you’re surrounded by these mountains, in a canyon, or trekking in the forest, worries seem puny and your imagination soars when you contemplate the silence and mystery of those places. The summits are often dangerously windy, shrouded in mist or snow, and allow only the most enduring and hearty of creatures to survive there and take in a iloveitontop view.

Who is Jen?

 My  vision is to inspire people to be on top of their game also to promote  the value of hard work for the great view, and a place to connect, work  together &  boast about accomplishments.  

I  am a fun, talkative, smart, explorer and It all started with my  parents, who love and respected nature/ outdoors, culture, are  hardworking, genuine and well traveled kind of people. My family every  year sometimes more, would make a 900 mile trek across the Great Plains,  13 hours to be exact, in a ( mini van) to Estes Park, Colorado from St.  Louis, Missouri. I have always been enchanted with my parent’s passion  and dedication to locate a great view  while spending these summers in  Colorado I got the opportunity to hike most of the Rockies, see amazing  canyons, waterfalls, and sand dunes

One of my  fondest memories was accomplishing Longs Peak with my dad; I was  twelve, it was one of the most memorable moments of my life and a huge  part of who I am today.

I  am a mother of 2 ROCK STAR girls; Sami, and Carter, who are always up to accompany me on an adventure, while still building  chapters in their own life, This extra time has allowed me some time to  follow my passion, give back and explore for adventure. Each adventure  is a new challenge to overcome and an opportunity to make new memories!

I was destined to  fall in love with nature and want to pass the power, confidence and love that you obtain from these outdoor adventures and experiences to the next generation. 

I live for that AMAZING view.. I have always felt, I possessed a wanderlust spirit. The mountains, land and sea remind me of my mortality, Nature allows me a reason to get out and travel, it allows me to meet and forge strong ties with other hardworking positive people that can love to the extreme, respect themselves and appreciate nature.

This way of life keeps moving me forward in my spiritual growth, it gives me motivation, it helps erase the sadness I absorb form the daily dose of horrible humanity, it keeps me humble, it tests the limits that I (and others ) have set for myself, and while at times suffering from exhaustion, battling the elements (extreme cold or heat), blisters, altitude sickness ,low oxygen, falls and other dangers…. 

It’s a comforting way to test my ability to absorb and endure punishment. 


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I Love it on top

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Reviews and Feature Brands

Nikon KeyMission 80

KeyMission 80

I have put this little action camera to the test in rain, snow, sand, surf hiking and climbing and it has made in to my gear bag permanently.  It has a great battery life offering crisp photos and videos and is also very user friendly. 

Live in the moment—and capture it.

The interesting moments of our  lives are as elusive as they are beautiful. The quick-shooting  KeyMission 80 effortlessly captures them all to preserve, share and  enjoy for a lifetime. Lightweight and wearable, it's always on the  ready, even in rain and extreme cold. Clip it on and record outstanding  1080p videos and 12-megapixel photos. Use time-lapse or interval timer  and document an entire day in your life, while each shot is  automatically transferred to your smartphone through Wi-Fi® and  Bluetooth® low energy. Get out from behind the camera and start living  in the moment. 

Jacket Pick for 2017

Skyward Jacket by Outdoor Research

I love this jacket!  I had been wearing the same jacket for years and after my was stolen, I decided on the  Women's Skyward Jacket   . I'm 5'4 and 125 lbs,  purchased a Small and I can fit layers nicely underneath it.  I've worn  it for hiking, trail work and as a wind protector on the beach, it has been great in all kinds of weather, it has performed great.  * Really like the side zips with buttons, it makes carrying a backpack with a hip belt much easier, no back of the jacket riding up, it also kept me warm and dry.

The combination of air permeability in the  Skyward Jacket’s AscentShell™ 3L fabric, with its hem-to-bicep venting,  lets you go full throttle without overheating. Built backcountry-tough  with a bit of stretch and both a wire-brimmed halo hood and stand-up  collar, this do-it-all piece will be your most valued companion, whether  you’re out hiking, charging through heavy, wet precip or plowing through blower  pow. 

Futura Vario 55+10 SL

 Deuter Futura Vario 55+10 SL

The Deuter Futura Vario 55 + 10 SL Women's pack is spacious and  comfortable, making it the perfect trekking companion for backcountry  wizards and novices alike. With a Vari-Fit backsystem, our AirComfort  ventilation system, and women's-specific fit, it offers exceptional  carry comfort up, down, and around the trails. 






5   lbs 0 oz
  2260 g 



3360   + 610 cubic inches
  55 + 10 litre 



30   / 13 / 12 Inch
  77 / 34 / 30 (H x W x D) cm